Catherine E. Read


Catherine Read holds a Ph.D. in developmental psychology from UCLA and is a Research Scholar at Rutgers University.  She is the editor, with P. Zudow-Goldring of Evolving Explanations of Development (Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association Press, 1997). 

She has homeschooled her two daughters from kindergarten through the ninth grade using the Waldorf curriculum.  She has also conducted workshops on a variety of topics, including music in the mood of the fifth, festivals, dyeing with plant dyes, nature meditations, and  homeschooling grades one through five. 

Catherine is on the faculty of the Dorion School of Music Therapy and the Resonare Foundation Studies in Music out of Anthroposophy.  She is on the Board of the Lyre Association of North America and is currently engaged in Waldorf High School teacher training through the Center for Anthroposophy in Wilton, NH.